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2 April 2022

This is just to say

Thank you

Scott Feldman


patient and kind

for assembling the chaos

of my writings

into beauty and form.



1 April 2022

April Fool’s Day — Trust your Elf

An apt day to begin the journey of this journal.

From the Motherpeace Tarot by Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble:

“Represented by the ‘number’ Zero, the Fool in Tarot has been a symbol of the void, the precreation state containing all possibilities but not yet manifesting any particular things.

Containing all possibilities the Fool represents the phenomenon of ‘synchronicity’ or ‘coincidences’ between happenings. The Fool is the part of us that unconsciously connects to the greater universal whole, so things are constantly ‘just happening’ that involve the unspoken … links between thoughts and events. Once we accept this synchronicity … we notice such events more frequently and appreciate them more fully.”

This is the map of the journey, internalized. Thus we keep to the path.

“The cat that accompanies the Fool is a friend and psychic companion — a ‘familiar’ who has chosen to share it’s life with the Fool. They empathize and support their human friends in time of grief, pain, loneliness, and joy.”

And here is Tom beside me, marking the page as I write.

“The Fool is not afraid to believe in something divine or greater than ego. She invites a return of the Mysteries and a leap of faith into cosmic experience.

“Fools pick up feathers or special rocks at the beach (more on feathers and rocks along the path) and know they contain magic; read the future in cards; feel touched by the Goddess personally and individually when something ‘special’ happens. And why do they walk walk off cliffs of hard truth into open space?”

Why? The ancient Sufis say we are to walk without feet, fly without wings.

Or as our nobel bard sings, The answer is blowin’ in the wind.

Here are links to the Motherpeace guide book and the tarot deck, which displays the cards. I’ve been using this oracle since it was first published in the 1980’s. Full of wisdom and delight. › Motherpeace-A-Way-to-the-Goddess








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